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CONSULTING: Kais E Systems offers unparalleled consultation services for all businesses at the federal level and in the private sector. We have devoted a great deal of time to uncover the “secret” factors that contribute to the creation and sustainability of organizational excellence. In helping your business achieve success and move into new areas of growth and efficiency, we will provide you with

  • Analysis of your current workforce
  • Analysis your future workforce
  • Performance management
  • Human Capital Plan
  • And Human Resource Metrics.

Our consultants work to provide you with the tools and information you need to dramatically improve workforce efficiency, job satisfaction, and the impact your people will have on the productivity and output of your business. And consider our strong focus on

  • Strategic planning
  • Workforce alignment
  • Human capital planning
  • Goal assessment and planning
  • Organizational development

You can be assured that organizational excellence doesn’t have to be just a idealized concept, but a truly achievable reality when you work with Kais E Systems. And importantly, all of this is achieved with minimal disruption in your workplace.

COACHING: Our Business Coaching services will assist you in refining your vision and goals for your company’s success. The tools used by our trained and certified Executive Business Coaches will quickly and effectively guide you toward business solutions that really work. Using a certified coach will save you time and resources and provide you with a skilled mentor who is an expert in evaluating and achieving specific objectives that move your company from a vision of excellence to a system of excellence.

FACILITATION: In order to achieve lasting success, you need a way to put information and goals into action and ensure long-term success. Our facilitation services do just that. Using industry proven problem-solving techniques, our services include: resolving disputes and divergent views, creating a healthy team-based environment, and evaluation and resolution of workplace challenges, to name a few. Additionally, we facilitate: strategic and business planning, project review, process improvement, product development and launch, needs assessment, action planning, and focus groups.

The business solutions offered by Kais E Systems are unique, effective, and tailored for your specific business. We use an integrated approach, developed by professionals and time-tested for proven success in the field.

At Kais E Systems, we provide a fully integrated approach in developing the most effective methods to move your business and personnel from where you are to where you want to be. That is, our focus is on all aspects of your business – your mission, your productivity, your personnel, your goals, your process, your planning, and your workplace environment.